What Inspires You?

What does it feel like to be inspired? When you are standing in a room that is 105 degrees Fahrenheit, staring at the face of another person dripping in sweat, watching the heat move around the room with the sound of the loud music, and hearing the voices that dedicate themselves to this practice and this heat every single day – that is what it feels like to be inspired.  Has anyone ever told you,  ‘you have to see it to believe it’, or to ‘see it for yourself’? Watching someone blow glass with their bare hands and breath and watching the molten ball turn into an exquisite piece of artwork is one of those experiences.  You have to see it for yourself. You have to feel it for yourself. 

For all of us at Garcia Art Glass to provide such an experience for anyone is honestly one of the best parts of everything that we do here. To share with you, or anyone who strolls through our front door, what we have dedicated our entire being to is the greatest gift we can offer. This notion of sharing and inspiring is interchangeable. We are equally as inspired, if not more inspired, by every single person that walks into our hot shop as they are by what they see.  For us, sharing a small piece of our practice with you reignites the fire in our hearts every single time.  You can feel it. 

Groups that visit us range from high school students to senior citizens, and we have seen each and every face, no matter how young or old, light up when they find time to see it for themselves. You can see it in their faces, hear it in their voices, and sometimes even feel it in their presence.  When a young high school student comes out of the hot shop expressing excitement and plans for their creative future, you can feel it. When an older man walks out of the hot shop and tells us how his wife loved glass art and their whole house used to have glass in every room, you can feel it. These people and the experiences they have when they are with us are intended to light an equally bright fire in their hearts, and we truly believe that they do. 

For 19 years we have functioned as a family owned business with three generations of Garcia women that are equally inspired to work at something day after day with tireless dedication, and it is the most inspiring and fulfilling experiences we could ever ask for.  What is it that keeps our entire team motivated and excited to work? What brings people back to see us year after year? Why do we invite anyone and everyone to come watch? Because this art, these people, and the daily practice of this ancient art form, is ever changing and completely captivating. You can feel it.